How To Contour in 8 Easy Steps

How to contour in 8 easy steps featuring Kimberlina Jolie

Step 1 and 2. Prime & Moisturize mix moisturizer with primer to save time depending on the skin type. For combination to dry skin use Kiehl’s ultra facial cream and mix it with Maybelline’s illuminator primer.

Step 3. Foundation apply a liquid foundation as a base with a damp beauty blender. In this case I used Laura Mercier’s cashew beige.

Step 4. Conceal to conceal under the eyes I first apply a 2-3 lighter concealer then the actual skin color, this one is maybelline’s fit me in fair clair and right underneath I do a color closer to your actual skin so that it’s not too light but not too bland. We want a nice gradient glow. The second concealer is LA girls in color Fawn.

Step 5. Contour the cheeks, forehead and jaw bone. I used Maybelline’s stick foundation in coconut because it’s smooth and easy to blend. The color is harsh so it allows us to keep the glow effect coming along.

Step 6. Bake to set the concealed areas I used Ben eye’s banana powder and allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes on the face. This is applied with the beauty blender and I mostly focus on the t-zone which will prevent from excess oil throughout the day. Underneath the contour to intensify the cheekbone, and underneath the eyes to keep from creases and the chin.

Step 7. Bronze after brushing off the excess setting powder, I deepen the contour with refined golden by Mac. Then I apply my favorite inglot highlighter 42 on the cheekbone and to create the glow effect I top off the cheeks with a gold deposit by Mac as well.

Step 8. Highlight & Set to make sure the make-up stays in place and is properly set I spray Mac’s fix plus in the cucumber scent to finish up the look!


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