The Girl Power Sleepover Event


Over the weekend I attended  The GirlPower Sleepover event featuring key note speaker Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal. Along with many other speakers, Sabrina Peterson of Glam University, Karen Civil of Live Civil , Mahisha Dellinger of Curls , Munson Steed of Rolling Out Magazine, and Michelle Alexander. This empowering event had different classes for women to attend and learn more about business, branding, and entrepreneurship. Many of us have ideas, but don’t have the tools and knowledge to begin the process. Sabrina Peterson gives us some key tools in her book, The Recipe To Getting Rich As Fuck.

In her book Sabrina starts off discussing how our mindset is the key to success. Our biggest role is to truly believe in ourselves. Throughout the book certain exercises are given for example Faith building. This is setting a commitment to yourself and following through with it. You are building self-trust and disiplining yourself to help you achieve your goals. If your planning on starting your own business you should plan it out. Make a timeline starting from where you want to end. Actually writing out your goals is best. Your time frame should start from 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, up to 1 year goals. Your goals need to be attainable from beginning to end. This applies for any personal goals you may have as well.

Sabrina also discusses the power in making a to do list. For example you want to make a specific amount of money this year. On your to do list you would write how much money you want to acquire, what your going to do in exchange for the money, the date you will acquire the money, and your plan of action to seek the money. The next step is execution, actually making everything you have written down happen. All non- productive things that don’t make you money must stop here such as social media, texting, and tv. Next she discussed branding and marketing. You want others to portray your brand exactly how you are so make sure what your putting out to the world is what you want to be identified as. Last but not least and the best part of the book is “The Flip” but you will have to get a copy to figure out what that’s all about!

I left this event with more knowledge than when I came in with and I am super grateful. Whether you have a clothing line , a blog or whatever your brand may be is all about purpose. Not the money or likes, but creating something of substance. Enjoy some photos from The GirlPower Sleepover and a special press video from Karen Civil.




IMG_0342 IMG_0362  IMG_0363

IMG_0356IMG_0401   IMG_0388 IMG_0412(Watch the Karen Civil Press Interview Video)

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