Saint Pablo Tour Atlanta

I haven’t been to a concert in a while and this is one I could not miss!! Kanye came to Philips Arena Monday night in Atlanta. Besides seeing him at birthday bash I have never been to a Yeezy concert. Compared to his last visual concert Yeezus, the feed back on Saint Pablo was amazing. The lights, floating stage, the production, the ENERGY was unforgettable. There were a few instances in between Kanye performing that he stopped and started over or redirected the show. Kanye spoke to the audience and said “I look stupid so you guys don’t have to.” This let’s us know as young people that he is not afraid of how people feel about him and that he truly cares for the youth. Kanye West is the example and the most influential person of all times. Enjoy some of the photos from this amazing show.



Outfit Details: Off-white Camo Jacket, Supreme bra top, Urban Outfitter Cut off jeans, Knitted Khaki Thigh High Boots

Photo Cred: Lebraun Ford




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