In My Spare Time







Amazing photography by: Shekeidra Booker

Out of all the photo shoots I’ve done for my blog this has been my favorite thus far! To shoot at home in my own space made me feel so comfortable and natural with the camera. Unlike outside shoots where the weather, traffic, and searching for a location is always a challenge. This was my first shoot with my dog Margiela aka Mar. He was such good boy and a natural for the camera as well!

If I’m not on the plane commuting to work or flying back home I love to chill. In my spare time when I have no where to be I’m planning or shooting for a new blog post. At home I put on my headphones and surf the web for a bit. I have a million magazines so I usually read Vogue, Bazaar, or Elle to keep up with trends and new fashion. I have this little grey book I take with me everywhere and whenever I feel the need to write down a new idea or something important I do so. I’ve learned to appreciate that me time where I have no plans and no where to be. And of course I love to binge watch Netflix shows with my bf… currently watching Luke Cage:)

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