Q&A Featuring Jeniece Blanchet

To my fellow readers, the purpose of this Q&A sequence is to showcase the journey that many of us are on. Whether it be in the fashion industry or entrepreneurship, we all have many talents that are being discovered everyday. These interviews will provide inspiration, advice, and a good read. I hope you enjoy!

This month our Rebelle Mate is Stylist and Designer Jeniece Blanchet. A women who is not afraid to be comfortable in her skin. She paves her own way and focuses on empowering every woman.

Get to know her…..


Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I turned 23 on 11/11.. and I’ve never felt so sure about my age before. I finally feel great about becoming older. I am a “young” woman. I take advantage of my youth and relish in it. 

You have many creative roles. What is the process you go through when styling a photo shoot?

The night before the photo shoot is really when I truly focus on my main vision and cram all the inspiration that I can in. So when the actual photo shoot is in session I’m just really calm.. and then it just flows better. To be honest with you I’m really all over the place, constantly changing things…and also wording my opinion on all aspects of the shoot. 

What skills to you are needed to become a successful fashion stylist?

I don’t think you truly need any specific skills, but just dedication to believe in yourself always (that’s a skill for sure) WORK HARD, take risks, and just have a genuine passion. Don’t get caught up, also (the skill of) investing in yourself. 


Your style is very unique. What sets your sense of style apart from the world?

I actually don’t want to set my style apart from the world. I want to be relatable, I want to style women who work, I want all of us to feel powerful. EFFORTLESSLY.

How did you know you wanted to start designing?

Because every time I felt lonely or bored I would automatically start cutting up my shit and I realized this was my go-to happiness.. why not make it my life. 

The designs you’ve created are very detailed. Who or what was your inspiration while creating these garments? 

I was inspired from old motorcycle factories and big shiny machines, but also white t-shirts. I was going through a white t-shirt phase. I literally wore a different style white tee everyday for a whole week lol. And I was so comfortable! So I’m like putting two in two lol


What do you consider the most important facets of the fashion industry?

To not make fashion more important than what it should be.

What personal challenges have you faced along your journey?


What advice would you give to the young people of our generation?

Don’t listen to the generation before us, times were completely different then. That was then, this is now… create your own world. This is our world. Be yourself and own it.

What is your most memorable experience in life so far?

Every single day is a blessing.

jb5jb2Keep updated with her work on jeblanc.com

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