The Oversized The Better






We live in a world where form fitting clothes are a women’s uniform or at least that’s how we believe we should look. But being fitted into clothes and wearing a fit are two different things. As seen in other cultures such as Japanese street style, the bigger the better. An over-sized coat, the over-sized tee, the over-sized turtle neck, the over-sized blouse, the over-sized everything! Many cultures can origant the over-sized look from hip hop artists. Well ladies! I’m here to show you it’s okay to try this type of style. I personally love this type of look on my off days or when I don’t feel like being all glamorous. Think about how you feel when your boyfriend gives you his jacket when it’s cold outside. You probably feel cozy and comfortable! Click here to view similar over-sized looks.

Hoodie by Ih nom uh nit Paris 

Photography by: Shekeidra Booker


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