Q&A Featuring Joi Nicole

To my fellow readers, the purpose of this Q&A sequence is to showcase the journey that many of us are on. Whether it be in the fashion industry or entrepreneurship, we all have many talents that are being discovered everyday. These interviews will provide inspiration, advice, and a good read. I hope you enjoy.

This month our Rebelle Mate is fashion stylist Joi Nicole. A woman who is knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is definitely not new to the styling game.

Get to know her….

Tell us a little about yourself?

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. I majored in psychology, gaining my bachelors from Spelman College. I interned for quite a few wardrobe stylists until I decided to embark on my own journey and step out on faith and decided it was time to invest in myself and my future.

When did you know you wanted to begin are career in fashion styling?

I developed my passion for fashion while working in retail. I use to love merchandising and being able to have creative control and that fueled me to want to step out on my own and really take styling seriously. So many others would suggest I should be a stylist or start a blog or basically be dealing with fashion. So with all of the motivation I started speaking things into existence and officially started calling myself a stylist. From then on I hit the ground running and collaborated with photographers, hair and make-up artists, and models. We were creating some amazing work! Soon after I began to network more and put myself out there. A few bumps along the way, but what would a journey be without them.

How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

Most of the time I am working with the photographers so preparing for an editorial shoot is pretty well organized I must say. We start with a vision or mood board and sizing the models. I like to allow myself an ample amount of time to have a fitting, but there are some instances where the fittings take place the day of the shoot so I like to stay prepared and have plenty of options. Lastly, the shoot begins and the waiting game commences for the final edits.

What are your top 3 items you have in your styling kit?

A lint brush, loads of extra accessories, and clamps (a stylists best friend)

How do you choose what looks best on each client?

Pleasing the client is always priority. The inspiration comes from them so I like to collaborate with them because ultimately they have to feel amazing and confident in what they wear. We as stylists are the facilitators to this process whether it be revamping wardrobe or trying new trends. Clients look to us for our expertise and guidance so we should be knowledgeable when it comes to every facet of fashion! Even when it comes to editorials where you don’t get that personal time to get to know your client. You must be prepared to facilitate the photographer’s vision and translate their vision with your creative direction.

What trends, if any, do you want to disappear right now? Which are your favorite?

I love all the trends going on in fashion right now. I’m a strong believer in “it’s all about execution.” I don’t necessarily want them to disappear. To me that is what fashion is all about, being able to express yourself no matter the current trend. If I had to choose one that is my favorite it would be the modernization of 90’s fashion. The over sized apparel, fur loafers, furs period! I love that women are being daring and fearless with their risque looks. Even certain brands like Tommy Hilfiger, ESPIRIT, and Nautica are making their rounds again! So definitely 90’s inspired looks are my favorite trend.

If you could pick any designer’s closet to shop in who would it be and why?

It would be Alessandro Michele, he has revamped Gucci to a whole new standard of fashion! His recent collections were brilliant. Using florals, keen tailoring, and mixtures of textures blows my mind with every piece. He definitely is an inspiration.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?

The biggest misconception about being a stylist is that we know it all when it comes to fashion. We are very well versed in our profession, but we still are learning and have to continue to educate ourselves on the latest trends and stay up to date with each fashion lines season.

You decorated your home beautifully. Would you ever consider interior decorating?

I often think about interior decorating, but after being a wardrobe stylist and all it’s entails.. I think I’ll stick to clothing.

What styling advice can you give to women?

To my lovely ladies out there I would say go out and get it! I don’t necessarily think that this industry is very gender bias. In my opinion people seem to trust a woman’s opinion more when it comes to fashion. Over the years I have learned it’s all about consistency. Being open to failure simultaneously learning from your mistakes is what truly helped me along the way. Becoming complacent and procrastination can be your worst enemy and don’t get caught up looking at everyone else’s success as if your going no where. Use that as your motivation and don’t give up! Go at your own pace with your own set of goals day by day.

Keep updated with her work http://www.joinicolestyling.com/

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