Happy International Women’s Day


Today was a beautiful day in the A and I am so ready for spring to arrive.  These army green sock boots are a perfect mid season shoe to pair with outfits. I love them because there comfy, the color, and the material is made well so they don’t slip down as you walk. Oversized clothes are my thing if you keep up with my posts you know?

I had a co-worker ask me what it was like to be a biracial child growing up. My mother is white and my father is black and I told her I never noticed. Growing up I had friends of all types. I identify with my black side more because my black grandmother raised me, but most people can’t figure out what I am. I honestly love that because humans should not be identified with a “race.” When I took serious tests in grade school I always wondered why I needed to bubble in my race on a test and I would put other so they didn’t know. In this society where we are taught to be against each other I hope all of us can come together and celebrate one another. #GirlPower

Sweater: Yeezy season 1

Boots: Simmi London

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  • Reply Jue 03/14/2017 at 6:29 PM

    Nice look! Love the color of those boots on you!

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