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To my fellow readers, the purpose of this Q&A sequence is to showcase the journey that many of us are on. Whether it be in the fashion industry or entrepreneurship we all have many talents that are being discovered everyday. These interviews will provide inspiration, advice, and a good read. I hope you enjoy.

Can you tell us about the foundation of Prodigy?

Prodigy is a fully integrated creative branding agency. We help you find your brand’s identity whether you need a new brand strategy, logo design, social media management, or website design. We are not a marketing agency, public relations firm or promoters. We simply help you find your brands DNA, look, and feel.

Who is apart of the agency and what do they contribute?

Courtnea is our PR girl. She helps keep a favorable image for the Prodigy brand, while also getting us media coverage so people can stay up to date with Prodigy.

Alexis is our Account Director. She is the voice for Prodigy. Most likely you’ll find her handling our social media, chatting with our current clients and figuring out ways to appeal to new clients.

Diamond is our Creative Director.  She is the master of pulling everyone’s creatives ideas together and making them one. If your confused about what direction you want your brand to go in or exactly how to make it come to life she is the person to ask.

Jerlicia is our Agency Coordinator. Leci is the backbone of Prodigy. She keeps everything in-house in line, makes sure we’re meeting deadlines and handles the financial and legally aspect of business.

 What services does Prodigy specialize in?

Brand Strategy & Position , Lifestyle & Product Photography, Packaging & Product Design, Logos & Iconography, Social Media Management, and Website Design. We also help outsource photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists, and hairstylists.

 Where does the inspiration for the brand come from?

Our inspiration comes from our past experience. Being that we’re young and we have different backgrounds, we all teach and inspire one another. Ultimately, our goal is to help pave the way for our generation of entrepreneurs and make sure their businesses succeed just as well as ours.

Are there any trends you’re obsessing over at the moment?

Courtnea: I’ve always been into being comfortable so I’m loving the sneaker wave that’s going on right now.

Alexis: Tomboy vibes. I love oversized tees , boyfriend jeans, sweats, and dad hats.

Jerlicia: I’m really into the “gold jewelry” trend. I’ve been wearing my dad’s gold cross necklace since I was 14, so it’s cool to see that I’ve started a trend of my own. Lol

Diamond: I love the 90’s hip-hop trends Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino are doing.

Out of all the cities you have lived in which was your favorite?

Courtneaa: New York, without a doubt. Everyone in New York has this Aura about them that I love.

Diamond: NYC. The energy is always lively:P

What is one thing the fashion industry has taught you?


How do you plan to grow the brand through social media? 

Although we are a branding agency we want people to see the personal side of prodigy. We want them to know who we are as woman and how we are paving the way for ourselves and people like us. When you visit our website or social media we want people to fall in love with not only our work, but the girls that we are.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

START! Don’t wait until you think everything is perfect because it will never be perfect. Just start and learn as you go.

Keep updated with the girls on  www.prodigytheagency.com

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