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  HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today was such a beautiful day in A, it was warm with a good fall breeze. It was perfect for a Kale Me Krazy smoothie (if your ever in Atlanta give them a try!) I loved this black tie blouse from Tobi that wraps around your body easily! It’s very light and flowy so it went perfectly with today’s weather. Not to mention these pants felt like I was still in my pajamas, so comfy!

Believe it or not, I took my blog photos with my iPhone 7 today. I usually use a canon to get a more professional look, but I also love to shoot with my iPhone. I like that the iPhone processes images slightly warmer than my canon and more in-depth. When taking photos on the canon the lighting and background are important and most the time you will need to edit the photo up a bit. I’m no camera guru, but I love the option of shooting with both.

xo, Myia


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