7 Ways Around The New Instagram Algorithm


Who else is not feeling this new Instagram Algorithm?! Definitely not me, but unfortunately us influencers have to adapt. For most of us, this is how we connect with our followers, post content, and do business so it’s important to figure out some tricks to stay in the loop. For those of you that don’t know Instagram exposure is limited now to your audience based on the engagement. When you upload a new post it is now viewed by a smaller audience. If your post isn’t getting a lot of likes a small percentage of your followers will not see and vice versa if you’re receiving lots of engagement in the first few minutes. So here are some tips you can follow to beat the system…

  • Switch over to a business account with this, you will be able to check the stats and times your audience is active and good for promoting your business
  • Post on Instagram stories this is to create more engagement and to stay interactive. Your followers can also chat with you on a personal level through DM
  • Create a Comment Pod this is a group chat on Instagram of other people in your field or industry who comments and like the photos that you post in that group. Everyone must be committed and active to see results on engagement
  • Get into video/Live Instagram posts are on autoplay so whoever is browsing your feed has no choice but to view the video. If you go on live your followers will automatically receive a notification.
  • Post on specific days and times if your posting random photos all day your photos will not be seen because your audience may not be active at the time. You can download the Tailwind app which also helps with times to post.
  • Evergreen content your followers need to stay up to date by reading your blog posts. Start making new and relevant content that is timeless.
  • Visuals need to be on point invest in a camera or hire a professional to take your visuals to the next level. Capture people’s attention when they come to your page.

Please note all of this information is gathered from articles on google and this is my personal insight on what you can do. How you can switch to a business account is below. I hope these tips are helpful:)







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