My First Trip To Paris

My first trip out of the country and I came to the city of love Paris France! Paris was nothing like I expected it to be, but so freaking amazing. I got to stay for 5 days, Friday to Wednesday with 3 of my girlfriends. My flight from Atlanta was about 8 hours and Paris is 6 hours ahead so you could imagine how jetlagged we all were. We stayed in the area called Pigalle which was central to tourist areas and walking distance to the metro station. The metro is easy to navigate and the cheapest way to get around.Day 1 After a quick nap we got up to find food, exchange our US dollar to Euros, and find a universal phone plug. No, they do not have the same phone plugs as us so come prepared. You can always find one for about 5 euros in a convenience store. Exchanging your money at the airport to euros is expensive so you can exchange your money at a currency exchange when you touch down in France for cheaper rates. Later that night we took the metro to the Trocadero station to see the Effiel Tower light up. The tower lights up every evening on the hour 6 pm to 1 am.

Day 2 We went back to the Effiel Tower to get day pictures then headed over to Avenue des Champs-Elysees to shop and eat at Leon De Bruxelles. Another good shopping area is Galeries Lafayette. Europe is very expensive so I recommend you budget out spending money on food and site seeing before you arrive.

Day 3 We had brunch at BOY and Visited Musee d’art moderne de la ville de Paris. You can look up a list of free museums to visit usually before 6 pm.

Day 4 Was another touristy day it was rainy and cold so we split a taxi for the day. We stopped at Louvre Museum and Le Grand Rex Theatre to see Black Panther. The Louvre is not free to get into, however, you can take photos outside.

A few things you should be aware of when traveling to Paris is Pick Pocketers which almost happened to us on the metro. DON’T keep your phone, wallet, or money in your pockets. Thieves will try to stop and talk to you, just keep it moving. Before you go out of the country call your banks and phone company and let them know. Most banks charge fees to use your debit card out of the country. It’s best to have a good amount of money on hand and use little of your credit card. For the most part, the people were nice, but you will run into rude Parisians at times. Paris reminded me a lot of New York, but a cleaner version.

Most natives speak little English so don’t worry if you cannot speak French. You can download the app Translator to help you translate. Make sure you try the pastries, croissants, and sweets! There all so delicious. Almost everyone smokes so if you don’t care for smoking be prepared to be around it.

Baker Boy Hat

Leather Jacket



Back Pack

Day 5 To be continued…..


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  • This is beyond amazing! You’re Blog is awesome and pics are quality!!! Love what you’re doing and can’t wait to see Paris for myself???

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