My First Trip To Thailand

Recently I took a vacation to Phuket Thailand and it was nothing short of amazing! I absolutely love Asia and have a new respect for the culture. My travels days were April 25th – May 2nd booked through Skiplagged app. I traveled from LAX – Beijing – Bankok with Hong Kong Airlines. It was a long travel day of almost 24 hours so make sure to dress accordingly. Pack your toothbrush, your neck pillow, a real blanket, sleeping pills, and face moisturizer. The next day I traveled from Bankok (DMK) to Phuket (HKT) on Air Asia which was an hour flight and $60 one way.

As soon as I arrived to Bankok I exchanged currency to Baht. 1,000 baht is $31.67 USD so it’s a very affordable vacation stay. I used my card very minimal since most of the town pays in baht. There are 5 star hotels for very cheap nightly rates and air bnb’s. Phuket is a rain-forested mountainous island, where some of Thailand’s most popular beaches are located. The beaches Patong, Kamala, and Karon are so glittery and white sanded, with gorgeous sunsets, it’s breathtaking.

The island has many attractions so everyday we did something different. The first day we did a speed boat tour to tropical paradises such as Phi Phi Islands, Monkey Island, and Maya Bay. The tour was an all day thing, you get to stop and get off at each island. Snorkeling, food, with a driver to drop you off and pick you up were all included for 2500 baht a person. 

The next day we attended the Elephant sanctuary where you can ride, wash, feed, and take pictures of the Elephants. Please do your research on riding the Elephants before you do this activity and good sanctuary’s to visit. Many Elephants are illegally captured and abused so I chose not to ride. Elephants are a symbol of power and strength. Thailand is a Buddhist country, elephants are there special symbolism for the practice of Buddhism.

One place I really enjoyed was the Phuket Flea and Street Market. I was able to get cheap souvenirs for friends and family and try delicious food. If you care to go out and party later that night we went to Patong Beach, a street of bars and night clubs. The main club in the city is Club Illuzion.

The following day we visited The Tiger kingdom, 800 to 1200 baht depending on the size of the tiger you want to see. Again, do your research on visiting the animals. The Phuket Big Buddha temple was free of charge. You can get to this by tour, taxi, or scooter which is how most of the locals get around. Taxi/Tuk Tuk drivers will try to get over on you with prices. You can choose to buy a scooter for 350 baht per day or get a Grab or Uber.

Last but not least you MUST get a Thai massage. You’ll never want to get one back in the states again. Before you go on your next vacation, here are some things you will need. Open minded people/person to travel with, itinerary, hydration, sun block, mobile passport app, and someone to snap those good camera angles! The last day of my trip I traveled from Bankok (BKK) to Amsterdam on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and spent a night there before heading home to ATL. I enjoyed my vacation and highly recommend you to visit.

Hotels I stayed at: Wyndham Grand Kalim Bay, Marriott Phuket

Restaurants: Phuket Street Market, Kathu, Wyndham Resort restaurant

Massage: Leelewadee Massage

Camera used: iPhone 7, Nikon D7500

Photography by: Zaquna Brown

Bathing suit: (top), Mars New York re-work Supreme (bottoms)

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