Packing Your Carry On

When traveling international or domestic I ALWAYS bring my carry on. Why? Because this way your carry on won’t get lost or damaged like checked baggage could. If your going on vacation you more than likely will check a bag and bring a carry on for all those outfits and shoes. If your just going away for the weekend you can fit everything in your carry on trust me! It’s called fold and roll to compact everything you can in your carry on or purchase luggage packing organizers.

Fragile Items and Electronics:
Your laptop, tablets, or cameras you’ll definitely want to keep in your supervision at all times. You wouldn’t want to risk your expensive items being stolen or damaged.

Change of clothes and Toiletries:
If your traveling internationally you will be on a plane all day. You could get sick, have an accident, or just want to simply brush your teeth. Always pack a plastic bag with your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, undies, and a change of clothes. Carry on fluids limit is 3.4 ounces.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan or just on a special diet plane food is not the healthiest. For long haul flights most meals are hardly every vegetarian, but it’s a 16 hour flight what are you going to eat? The snacks you packed or bought from the airport will go a long way. When the person next to you is chowing down you won’t feel bad because you were prepared.

Personal Items:
Always watch your purse or backpack, passengers can steal from you when your asleep or up to use the lavatories. Money, medication, identification should be kept with you at all times.

Make Yourself Comfortable:
Be sure to bring a neck pillow, blanket, and thick socks. The plane temperatures are always kept at 70’s or below for cabin comfort and to prevent passengers from getting sick. Bring books, magazines, and your phone charger. You’ll want to pick your seat by the window or aisle if you get up a lot. We all know nobody wants the middle seat!

These are all tips to make your flight enjoyable and feel at ease. On some airlines there will be fees for a carry on, but I consider it worth the headache to know your belongings are safe. “If you pack it you stack it” as my flight attendant friend Jamaul would say. DON’T over pack and expect the flight attendants to lift what you can’t into the over head bins. I recommend you buy luggage with easy spinner wheels so you won’t feel like your dragging your luggage through the airport.

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