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Hey Mates,

Today I’m celebrating my 3rd year of becoming a blogger and it’s been a joyful ride. After graduating high school I applied to Art Institute of Atlanta and was unable to attend due to financial circumstances. I later decided to go to a local community college but dropped out after a year. After dropping out I started working full time in retail for a few years. If you’ve ever worked retail or for someone else’s company in general, you know how draining it becomes. I then became determined that I would make my own way into the fashion industry and started Closet Rebelle.

The best decision I’ve made thus far was thinking the idea and acting on it right away. At a young age, I knew I wanted to work for myself from my grandmother’s influence. Since I’m being honest I’m not where I want to be at all, but I know this is all a process and at the end of the day you must do the work to get to the next level. Timing plays a huge roll in your success and if the man above doesn’t believe your ready for the next step you will not be granted access. In the mean time keep putting in that WORK and INVEST.

Regardless of all the harsh things I could say I can do better, I’m very proud of myself and how far I’ve come. In honor of my 3rd blogiversary here are my top 5 fave outfit posts over the years. For all of my subscribers, Instagram followers, readers and photographers friends thank you for supporting and believing in me. Your feedback and sweet compliments mean the world to me. I pray I continue to inspire and make a difference in the people around me.

Much love,


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