Break the Sweat Event


This year I’ve organized an event called Break the Sweat, a woman’s empowerment event offering females a way to become active in a stylish setting. Fulfilling my long-term goal of becoming a fashion blogger gave me the experience and clarity I needed to curate this event. For 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women in the aviation industry. One thing I’ve learned is how much women desire to feel attractive. Throughout my journey I’ve been taken back by low self-esteem statements like “I’m fat”, “I need to lose weight”, or “I want her body” made by Mother’s, Sisters, Best friends and colleagues. There is not one demographic not going through this mind stigma. With that being said we’re responsible for the increase of low self-esteem within ourselves. Those statements may seem small and are not to be taken lightly but in actuality we as women harm ourselves by slandering our own existence. My friends and I devoted our resources and time to find a solution.

Break the Sweat created a space where authentic connections and relationships were built amongst like-minded individuals. The goal was to create an enjoyable event that everyone could take something positive away from. With Dj Mu spinning magic, Esh guiding us through a great workout, Kea Beverage juices and Greenburger supplying delicious wraps by Chef Kodak, and smoothies it all came together more than perfect. Sponsored tote bags with jewelry from Red Boutique and See Spirit Shop handmade herbal products were provided to all the ladies. XCharnaud an Australian swimwear brand sponsored swimsuits to our special giveaways winners. This was an amazing start to more events to come to Atlanta and a city near you! So who’s coming to my next event?!

Check out the memories made <3

Photography by: Teddy

Workout outfit:

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