I Feel Pretty


Sunday night I watched a movie called I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer as a woman named Renee. Renee struggled with feelings of insecurity and a lack of confidence in the way she looked.  One day after a hard fall she is suddenly feeling like the most beautiful and capable woman, living her best life without realizing her appearance never changed. This movie spoke to me on so many different levels. Like wow, us women feel like this majority of the time, but why?

One thing I noticed about Renee was that she only focused on the negative things about herself. After she started to focus on the positive and became comfortable in her own skin she was such an inspiring badass! She started to focus on her biggest dream to work at a high-end office called Lily Leclaire and gained this newfound confidence. The truth is no matter our shape, size, color, or how pretty we are all demographics of women go through low self-esteem.

We should never desire to just be pretty because there is much more to us. Things like knowledge, kindness, giving, patience, love, and intelligence. The outside can be beautiful but the inside is what matters most. What if you wake up tomorrow and suddenly those negative thoughts about yourself disappear? What if you were completely accepting of yourself and chose to embrace the things your good at? Can you imagine the type of badass you can be and how much you’ll inspire others to be themselves too!  It all starts with your mind and the confidence part is up to you. No one is YOU and that is YOUR power.

Xo, Myia


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