How My Instagram Got hacked

I still can’t believe this happened to me and at such an interesting time. I was on a social media break for most of Septemeber starting on the 1st day of the month until the 21st. It takes 21 days to break a habit so that’s what I was going for. The 21st came around I finally log on Instagram a few times that day. Well, that evening I’m waiting at the airport to catch a flight home, I pull up the app and it kicks me out automatically. I try to log back in and my password does not work. I haven’t changed my password since I made the account so I knew something was wrong.

I clicked forget the password to retrieve a reset link and I noticed the email was not the letters of my email. I finally got the hint that I had been hacked. By that time the hacker changed my email and phone number associated with my account. I got really pissed because my Instagram is not just a personal account for me, it’s my platform and business. This is how my followers view a lot of my content and how I get to work with brands.

I clicked forgot password which takes you to a trouble logging in page. There you can send a login link to your phone number or email. Since the hacker changed all my information I clicked the need more help in the blue link. Through this link, you can request additional support. It will ask for your information and whether you got hacked or just forgot your password.

From there Instagram sends you an email with a code and a list of details they need in order to recover your account. I sent a request on Saturday morning and unfortunately, it took Instagram a whole week to respond back to me. However, by that time I had got back into my own account. I was able to log into my old email account after years. I quickly clicked the link where I saw the hacker had logged into my account and reset the information that was not mine.


After all the freaking out more crap happened to where I could only log into Instagram on my browser and not through the actual app. I saw “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” all week and watched every Youtube video possible to figure this issue out! NOTHING worked, and Instagram expected me to submit a whole new request for this specific problem. I didn’t have the patience to deal with them any longer. After 100 attempted tries it was something dealing with the IP address. I went to my app settings and turned off the data for the app. Logged in on wifi and magically I was logged back into my account. After I turned the data and wifi back on I was still logged in and I’m NEVER logging out again!! lol

Here are a few Instagram security tips to better secure your account.

  • Turn on two-factor authentication for more security. This feature will send an additional code to your cell phone every time you log in.
  • Change your password regularly on all social networks especially if you use the same password.
  • Pick a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.
  • Make sure your email account is secure and different passwords for different emails.
  • Be careful when authorizing any third party apps to use your Instagram information.


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