The Blazer Reinvented 90’s Style

Plot twist….. a blazer styled with Nike training shorts, Nike socks, and Air Max 97 sneakers. Who would have thought a blazer could be so sporty. We’ve all worn blazers as business professional attire and we still do, but you can also wear them outside the office. It’s a classic style piece that can be worn in the fall or winter season.

You may see some bloggers wearing their blazer layered with a hoodie or stylish skirt. I personally love the oversized look with a biker short. Biker shorts are equivalent to wearing leggings… COMFORTABLE. I recommend wearing something oversized with the shorts so you don’t feel overexposed. Trust me I’ve worn them with a crop top and I felt like the whole world was looking at my crotch.

I debated whether I wanted to wear a sneaker or heel and honestly, both would look great. Since I styled it with athletic wear under I felt the sneakers would be more suitable. All the links tagged are shoppable and I do earn a commission when you shop through these links. Enjoy! 🙂




Photographed by: @elijahdavis 

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