Travel Tips For the Holidays

During the holiday season, a lot of last minute plans can happen. One way I love to search and compare flight prices for my friends and family is by using google flights. If you go to your google search bar and type in your destination then select the dates it will bring up the current and next month travels prices for each day for that destination. This is so helpful because it lists multiple airline prices and the days that are cheaper to fly.

Flights this year the first week and half of December 1st-5th and 8th-11th are very cheap days to fly for all the people who vacation during December. Note that most of the cheap flights have stops through other cities. With connecting flights be sure to give yourself enough time to get to another terminal or gate.  If you prefer a non-stop flight the price will be higher. You can also buy a one-way ticket and search for a cheaper deal when traveling back home.

Preparation Usually, they ask you to get to the airport at least 2 hours early, but I suggest 3 hours due to TSA lines. If traveling with small children, you will want to travel with strollers so that you’re in control of how quickly you need to get around. Make sure your devices are charged or you invest in a charger pack because finding an outlet especially in LA is a nightmare. I believe Ubering or getting dropped off is less of a hassle. Make sure to pack snacks as the airports will be overcrowded and so will the lines for food.

Carry on’s I recommend shipping all gifts ahead of time because due to airline carry on limits you could get charged. Also, you don’t want anything getting ruined or re-opened at TSA. Pack light and comfy because it’s always cold for safety reasons inflight. Traveling with just a carry-on and personal item/devices is always the best idea. I personally hate waiting an extra 30-45 minutes for checked bags to come out.

Patience please keep your temper in check even if something goes wrong. All airline personal like the gate agents, ticket agents, TSA, and airline crew are dealing with hundreds of people during this season. We work on the holidays because sometimes we have to and we provide a way for you to get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Check-In at home or have your boarding pass on your mobile device. This way if you only brought a carry-on the only line you have to worry about is TSA. Enrolling in TSA pre-check is a great idea if your a person who doesn’t care for lines. Gate changes happen often so arrive at your gate to make sure it is correct. An app I use is Flight Stats to check the status and gate change of my flights.

Safe Travels Keep a close eye on your luggage, purses, wallets, and I don’t ever suggest leaving items in your hotel room. Travel with some cash to avoid overly using your debit or credit cards. Always be aware of your surroundings and let someone walk with you or tell them where you’re going.  Avoid using random ATM machines such as gas stations or hotels. Check your account apps often for fraudulent activity. I hope you all have a fun holiday season and enjoy time with your loved ones.

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