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What to Wear with Joggers


Joggers have never been more popular than this last year. Every girl was focused on mixing comfort and style. This is more of a sporty chic look because of the black shell material and 3D pockets. Not something I usually wear, but I ended up loving them. Neon is a popping color I’m sure you’ve seen a lot lately. This neon rib top was extremely bold and went really well with my complexion.

One thing I loved about these joggers was the 3D pockets. You can literally put your gloss, money, and ID in the pockets without worrying about a purse. Yes I know what your thinking, but I honestly hate big purses. You can do a chill activity or date night like the movies, sports games, or bowling. The bottom of the pants cuff around your ankle so I wore a sock boot heel to complete the look. My shades are from 9five. Click the highlighted links to shop my look.

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