Best Green Coats to Shop

Forest green has been such a vibe this season and I’m honestly obsessed. So obsessed that I bought a green velvet couch that sits pretty in my living room. Whether you like velvet, oversized, or cozy if it’s green it’s going to be statement. This was a must have for my wardrobe so I lucked up and got this coat on sale at Asos. I loved this coat mainly because I can layer my hoodies underneath. I went back and fourth about pairing this look with plaid pants and sneakers or to just be simple and do a light wash denim. Clearly I chose to be simple and I love the way it turned out with the biker boots

Almost every online store is having a sale so don’t miss out. I’ve linked some good options below for you to shop!

For you to shop:

Asos faux fur coat

Mango faux fur coat

PLT wovan collar

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