5 Days in Bali


For my birthday this year I decided to go to the best place in the world Bali Indonesia. Tuesday evening the girls and I headed to LA to catch our flight on China Eastern at 1:05am. The flight was booked through Skyscanner for $491 round trip. The route was LA to Shanghai with a 9 hour layover getting in around 5am. We thought about getting a hotel in the area, but decided to stick it out in the airport until our 5 hour flight to Bali at 6:00pm. 

Once we arrived in Bali we had a driver to pick us up from the airport which came with our Airbnb stay for an additional cost. We chose to stay in the Ubud area which was central area for pretty much everything. There are so many nice Air bnb’s to choose from honestly, but some are hours of a drive away. I highly recommend you don’t stay in one location for more than 2-3 night or just start north of Bali and work your way down. There is too much to see and do in Bali!

The Indonesian money is called rupiah which you can exchange in the airport for no fee. I took $300 for 5 days and made it stretch the entire time. Some of the areas to stay are Ubud, Canguu, Seminyak, Kuta (tourist area), Gili Islands (villa stay), Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, and Legian.

Bali is a saturated city so you can take day trips to different areas, but the traffic starts early so it could take hours to get to where your going. The narrow streets may scare you at first with how they switch lanes and all the scooter drivers. They honk a lot to let other drivers know they are passing them. You can book tours and classes through trip advisor or air bnb experiences for the day. Most come with drivers which is a must for your trip or you can take a taxi, or rent a scooter.

They have an app called Grab that is similar to Uber/Lyft in the states. Mostly everyone uses What’s app to text so download that if you don’t have it already.

Day 1

Ubud art market shopping, Lila Cita Spa massages, Tegenungan Waterfall, ate at Dewangga.

Day 2

My Bali Swings

Pura Tirta Temple

Telgalalang Rice Terrace Ubud

Money Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest road for food and drinks/hookah

Day 3

1.5 boat ride to Gili Meno through Eka Jaya Fast Boat service picked us up at 7am for an hour ride to the dock then headed on boat to Gili for another 1 hour ride 

Day 4

Kuta Beach

Day 5

Shopping on Money Forest road and massages 

My overall experience in Bali was unforgettable and I can’t wait to go back and stay for longer. The Balinese people are very kind and spiritual people. You’ll see Canang (small palm leaf basket) sari all over the city, which is a daily offering made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer. The culture is a mix of Hindu-Buddist religion, known for it’s dance, drama, and sculpture. They are so resourceful with food and even entrepreneurship. If you decide to go on your next vacation here stay for at least 10 days minimum to get the full experience.


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