Easy Ways To Figure Out The Best Color For Your Skin Tone

Last week I asked my followers what they would like to achieve within their personal style. One complaint that stood out to me was wanting to add color to their wardrobe. If your closet is all black or neutral nothing is wrong with this, but maybe you want to add some fun. If you find yourself becoming bored of it I recommend you start off with adding accessories or makeup that adds a pop of color just to get you comfortable.

Once you’ve started to warm up to pops of color now you need to determine what colors best compliment your complexion. We all have warm, cool, or neutral undertones so once you figure out which tone you are it will be a easier to try new things out. A simple way to test this out is to hold silver or gold jewelry up against your skin. If gold looks best your skin is a warm undertone and if silver looks best your more than likely a cool undertone. If you have a mixture of both hues then you would fall under the neutral category.

Warm skin tones reflect well with nature and colors such as olive, brown, yellow green, coral, orange, or gold. Cooler tones include bright blues, emeralds, lavender, and pink. With neutral colors you can wear gray, white, or navy. Just because the color you aspire to wear may not fit your undertones does not mean it won’t look good on your skin. These are tips to help you get into the habit of adding more color to your life.


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