2020 Headspace: How I Feel About The New Year


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling all the good vibes 2020 has brought in. It feels like a clean slate and I no longer feel so much weight of the past. Before the new year I sat down and made a list of all things good and bad that happened in the last 10 years. To my surprise 10 years passed by so quickly. I was discussing with my best friend the other day how time just keeps passing and everyday we wake up in a race to keep up with it. It’s so important that while we are trying to compete with time that we really spend every minute pouring into ourselves. If not, before you know it we’re just growing old letting life happen to us.

In this new year it’s important for me to slow down and pay attention to what exactly I’m giving my attention to. Now I think while I’m scrolling on social media forever, what else could I be doing right now? Exercising, reading, calling a loved one, or maybe learning something new. Every minute is so crucial to the rest of our lives if we can stop and realize it.

I’m not really a new year resolution type of person because it’s always easy to say what you want to stop and start doing. Setting the goal/intention and taking the actual steps is how I start new habits. For example in the book Atomic habits James Clear talks about the 2 minute rule. “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do. “Read before bed each night” becomes “Read one page.” I love this rule because for myself I know I get super excited about starting something new and often start too big. Then I fail and stop out of disappointment. What really keeps you going is the commitment to get better.

“When you learn slow, you remember faster”

Bishop Bronner


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  • loved this post! really hit home for me & I really needed to hear/read this lol super proud of you bookie!

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