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    My Current Beauty Go To Products

    This year I’m really proud of myself for not straightening and frying my hair overly. I committed to only straightening my hair a handful of times and it payed off for my curl pattern.…

  • Beauty

    My Current Workout Routine

    Last year I was not as disciplined as I would of liked to be with my workout routine. I basically stopped working out and loaded up on carbs, sugar, and fried foods. This year…

  • Beauty

    Holiday Gift Guide For Her

    Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again to shop for your girl! So I created a little gift guide for you to get some ideas. Woman are not hard to please, but a…

  • Beauty

    My Skin Care Routine

    This year I told myself I wanted to improve my skin care routine and that’s what I’ve been doing. I have combination skin so it’s dry during the winter around my cheek area. My…

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    Just For Him

    Happy Valentines day to all my love birds out there! Usually all I really want on this day is roses and lots of chocolate! Then again I will take this on any day. We…