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    5 Days in Bali


      For my birthday this year I decided to go to the best place in the world Bali Indonesia. Tuesday evening the girls and I headed to LA to catch our flight on China Eastern at 1:05am. The flight was booked through Skyscanner for $491 round trip. The route was LA to Shanghai with a 9 hour layover getting in around 5am. We thought about getting a hotel in the area, but decided to stick it out in the airport…

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    Tampa Layover: Flight Attendant Life

    As promised in my last blog post I shot my very first travel vlog for you all to see. As a flight attendant I get the luxury of visiting cool cities weekly and I…

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    My First Trip to Cancun

    As a flight attendant the best time to travel for us is after the holidays. Myself and two other flight attendants took Southwest Airlines and arrived in Cancun Tuesday around 1:30pm.Β The weather was cloudy…

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    Travel Tips For the Holidays

    During the holiday season, a lot of last minute plans can happen. One way I love to search and compare flight prices for my friends and family is by using google flights. If you…

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    Packing Your Carry On

    When traveling international or domestic I ALWAYS bring my carry on. Why? Because this way your carry on won’t get lost or damaged like checked baggage could. If your going on vacation you more…


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