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    I Feel Pretty

    Sunday night I watched a movie called I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer as a woman named Renee. Renee struggled with feelings of insecurity and a lack of confidence in the way she looked.…

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    Black Beret

    Happy hump day babes, I had the pleasure of shooting in some beautiful Los Angeles weather today because Atlanta is COLD right now. For those of you who don’t know, I am a flight…

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    Simple Finds

    Hello my little Rebelle Mates, Let me start off by saying you are beautiful. And I hope you have a positive and productive month of February! So this simple find I got from my…

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    Stranger Tings

    My 2016 was all about life lessons, taking risks, and binge watching Stranger Things (Eleven is my fav character) . I hope your ready to have the best year of your life! This year…

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    Happy Feet

      Happy Monday guys! So I know your probably thinking what the hell is this chick wearing? Um, well… socks. With heels.. Yes. I was actually hesitant to try this look because I haven’t…